About Us

Welcome to Dibella’s Song, an LGBT+ guild on the Xbox One NA server. This guild is a social guild dedicated to helping others find the beauty in all things, including themselves. Also, we kick ass and do not bother with taking names. We hold events regularly, from Skyshard and Lorebook hunts to Dungeons and Trials. If you yourself would like to host an event, please feel free to contact the officers personally or through the Contact Form here.

Gold donations to the guild are never required, but they are appreciated and will help us help each other. The gold will be used to hold raffles, furnish the guild hall, and acquire materials for us all.

We do ask that you be active within the guild. Recruit, craft, train, apprentice, or advise. These are all things you can do.

The Rules:
We have a three strike rule system. You will not be given a second chance for a second offence of the same nature. If an issue arises with a guild mate that you cannot handle on your own, please contact one of the Administrators and we will help sort everything out. The rules are as follows;

1. Respect your guild mates and be kind. Absolutely no hate speak will be tolerated at anytime.
2. Help with your guild mate’s advancement. This is a family oriented guild and we all want to flourish.
3. Absolutely NO drama. It’s a game and we are all here to have a good time and make new friends.