Grand Guild Games G3

Welcome, welcome my pretties to Dibella’s G3 !!

Dibella’s Grand Guild Games are a collection of small, sometimes silly games aimed to spark competition between guildies. Each game is unique, colorful and fresh. Games are divided in episodes, with one release every month or so. (gotta keep our ratings happy) LOL. Our games are spontaneous, fun, silly, challenging and charming. Each episode is created in real time (our Lord sponsors demand it).

We welcome all guildies wishing to participate, G3 is for everyone in our guild. So don’t be shy and join us for silly glory, amazing prices and special advantages over your competition in future episodes of G3.

Our EPISODES go live on our band app general chat. We release each episode’s results for all our guildies to read. All episodes are judged by our experts, these judges review key factors according to each episode’s theme. These factors will appear on every episode’s description. Every release has a different panel of judges. For more details contact theHerald Leo by Xbox mesage, band message or in-game comms. We can’t wait to post your name as the winner of our next episode. Join us in fair (not so much sometimes LOL) and silly competition.

SPONSORED BY LEOTV All rights reserved HOU TX 2019

Episode 4 – Start Date: May 19, 2019 (Active)

Category: Photography

Episode 3 – Start Date: May 5, 2015

A Housing Contest Category 1 Staple Homes

Episode 2 – Start Date: April 19, 2019

Drama Queen Story Writing

Episode 1 – Start Date: Feb 19, 2019

Themed Trial

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