Magicka DPS


Remember folks, a dead DPS is negative DPS in a team.


Instructor Leo

Someone came with a question for me the other day…
-Leo, how do you keep rotation while trying to survive boss restless bombardments ??

I think is time I explain the more serious part of being a DPS. As a seasoned DPS player I been through a lot, I have learned a thing or two.
How do we keep rotation while ressing poeple, keeping up with mechanics, etc ?


Skill prioritization is very important, it helps you keep up with rotation while doing all this extra stuff… It is easy to hit a dummy and score high numbers but is a totally different thing in a trial where 1000 things are trying to murder you.

Let’s say we’re on vSO hard mode last boss, you strat your rotation normally you’re accelerating then you get a World Shaper coming at the team … You wait … 1, 2, 3, 4 then walk away from the boss losing rotation… You wait for the WS to pass then go back to rotation… What do you do then ?

We skill prioritize (on the same scenario vSO last boss casting world shaper), before we leave the small pad where the serpent is standing we apply our TOP 3 DPS skills. Let’s say I’m on a Stamplar, so WS happens I have to get away from boss to survive, so before I leave I reapply my dots, caltrops, endless hail, poison ejection before leaving pad.

Once clear to return to boss and restart DPS rotation I check how much time remains on my dots of there’s enough time to squeeze a rotation I immediately switch to from bar rotation…

The same is true when resurrecting poeple, you stop rotation, apply dots before getting close to your dead teammate, ress him/her then check how much time is remaining on your dots if there’s enough time then you switch to front bar rotation …

Top DPS skills for magicka players :
-Elemental blockade
(Always keep this skill alive even if you can’t cast anything else, specially if you have vMA wpns).
Class dot :
Blazing spear, liquid lighting, Bow, NB path, eruption or burning embers, winter’s revenge.

Skill prioritization helps avoid heavy DPS loss while keeping up mechanics, resurrections, incoming damage, etc.

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