This page is for applying for roles within Dibella’s Song. After submitting your application a member of leadership will contact you if your application is selected. Please do not contact us, we will reach out to you.

Role Descriptions

Jr Officer

  • Make a presence in Guild Voice Chat.
  • Moderates Band Chats and in-game Voice and Text Chats.
  • Helps add new members to Band and Guild in-game.
  • Be present to guide new members/players to the game.
  • Run or assist with Guild Events when possible and as needed.
  • Assist with Guild Asset management when needed.
  • The Jr Officer is designed to be a stepping stone to Guild Leadership. Each Jr Officer may or may not be asked to fullfil specific guild needs when needed. Jr Officers may not be required to fill any of the needs above and may be ask to fill guild needs not listed.

Trial Leader

  • Lead Trials
  • Assist Leading Trials
  • Keep an ear out for sets members need from trials and help make those trials happen.